Vinicola Garibaldi, Serra Gaucha, Brazil

Serra Gaúcha is located in northeastern Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil's southernmost state.  It is the largest wine-growing region in the country with about 40.000 hectares of vineyards. It’s characterized by small family properties, little mechanized due to steep topography. Pruning is carried out during July-August and the harvest is concentrated from January to March.  The planting density is between 1600 to 3300 plants per hectare, mostly using a pergola system. 

In 2008, a group of producers from Garibaldi-RS decided to start a program to stimulate the quality control of their sparkling wines and founded the Organization of Sparkling Wines Producers from Garibaldi – CPEG. This organization is headed today by Mr. Oscar Ló, who is also the President of Cooperativa Vinicola Garibaldi.

The sparkling wines are analyzed and, once certified, they receive the CPEG quality control seal. This is the first step to obtain the designation of origin of the sparkling wines, highlighting the region’s unique vineyards and terroir in the international wine scene.

Since 1931, the story of Cooperativa Vinícola Garibaldi has been the story of its own associates.  During the last 80 years, the dedication and perseverance of the small farmers and their families have supported and guided the development of the local wine industry.

Grapes and the products made by them have always been the central business focus of the Cooperative. But since its beginning, the main core of the operation has always been the welfare of the people involved in the process, in accordance with the cooperative spirit and ideal.

(pictured right, winemaker Gabriel Carissimi with Nick Oakley wearing traditional headgear)

Today the company has both a traditional and modern concept of sustainability.  Cooperativa Vinicola Garibaldi produces high quality products which are aligned with the consumer’s demand and with the respect paid to the ecosystem. This special care results in a number of awards for its products both in Brazil and worldwide.


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