Vale da Capucha

Lisboa region

Pedro Marques is the young owner/winemaker at this organic estate close to the Portuguese coast, some 80 km (50 miles) north of Lisbon.  The wines are characterised by their lovely bright fruit and pure 'clean as a whistle' flavours.  These are really pure wines that are already causing a stir in Portugal and abroad.  One to watch!

Here Pedro answers some questions about himself ......

"Pedro, 32 years old, Benfica supporter, Agronomic Engineer and “vigneron” at DOC Torres Vedras in the Lisbon Region.  I am the fourth generation growing wines in a 13 ha estate named Vale da Capucha.  Before taking over the family vineyard management, I worked in different regions in Portugal such as Douro, Alentejo, Tejo and also in California and New Zealand.

Vale de Capucha is our vineyard with 13 hectares, in the Lisbon region, at 8 km of the Atlantic Ocean.

The soils are clay-limestone of oceanic origin. The fossils found in the soil on our estate inspire the Fossil brand identity through their direct association to the sea and to this rich past.  The Vale da Capucha is a family run winery, and for almost two centuries have been the benchmark of success in the wine industry in the region.

We use Portuguese native grape varieties, mostly whites (Alvarinho, Arinto, Viosinho, Gouveio, Antão Vaz and Fernão Pires).  3 ha with red (Touriga Nacional and Aragonez)

I started conversion to Organic vineyard management (copper and sulphur) and Natural vinification (wild yeast. In some varieties if not wild, its organic certified, Total sulphur < 80-100ppm); 2015 vintage will be the first one we can call organic, but we have farmed like this from the start.  I know what it is like to suffer misfortune in the vineyard, having been a Benfica supporter for many years.  One becomes accustomed to tragedy"


The vineyard has three ranges.


Fossil white  - a blend of Fernaão Pires, Arinto & Gouveio in equal proportion. Tech sheet here

Fossil red -coming next vintage


Is both the name of the wine and of the vineyard dog, pictured below 

Pynga white

Viognier, Fernão Pires & Arinto.  Tech sheet here

Pynga red

Syrah & Viognier.  Tech sheet here
















Vale da Capucha

This premium range is imported and distributed by our good friends at Caves de Pyrene