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Oakley expands Spanish offer with 'New' winery partner

With an ever increasing demand for value, and to keep our portfolio fresh, we have established another partner in Spain to add to our offerings.  The new partner is HGA and is a family of 3 wineries all run and owned by one head office, and one export manageress ' Cornelia Proca'.  The vineyards are located in the following areas;

Bodegas Altos de Torona - Rias Baixas - Situated 3.5km from the river Miño, and 10km from the Atlantic ocean. The vineyards are located on South facing slopes at Altitudes of 200-300m

Pazo de Villerai Bodegas - Rias Baixas - The vineyards extend along the Salnés valley in the heart of the D.O Rias Baixas. A humid Atlantic micro climate perfect for the Albariño grape variety, at 100-300m above sea level.

Regina Varium - Ribeira Sacra - Vineyards are located on the river Síl, in the very heart of Ribeira Sacra. The terraces are of a 60 degrees gradient and, have mineral rich slate soil over bedrock, all wines are hand harvested.


They offer a lovely range of wines mostly made from the indigenous Albariño and Mencia, and the quality to value ratio is superb. Here are some images of the wines, and Charlotte and Cornelia at their first show together in Dublin.




Decanter World Wine Awards - Opera House


So on September 4th we attended the DWWA dinner, held at the most stunning venue; The Opera House, Bow St London. We were there on behalf of two of our winery partners, Falua of Portugal and Rodriguez Sanzo of Spain, who had been entered into the shortlist for International trophies in thier catagories.

Tagus Creek was awarded a regional trophy for best red blend under £15, and we were delighted to go up on stage and collected the International Trophy - Best in show for the La Senoba Rioja 2009, which was winner of the Spanish varietals over £15. The night was excellent, the food and wine were to die for as you could imagine. Here are some photos from the evening;



London International Wine Fair 2013

So in its final year at Excel, the London International Wine Fair this year was smaller than in previous, but had a nice feel about it. Everyone was upbeat about the fair and it's future, and although it has shrunk is being rebranded and redesigned in a way that refocuses on the UK trade in particular and giving it back an identity. I think this a step in the right direction and giving it a fresh look, fresh message and a new venue which is to be Olympia, will be sure to revitalise the show.  I get the impression the Marketing team are putting alot of effort into the 'New LWF', and I like thier ideas.

This year for us and for many others, was a good show. We had the support from our producers which really makes such a difference, escpecially to give the wine it's authenticity and being able to speak with the winery representatives helps to invision where the wine is from and what it's all about. We had lots of visitors, old and new and it's always nice to have an opportunity to show our entire portfolio on our home turf.

Here are some photographs;





Left: The whole portfolio, what a treasure trove of wines on show!


Above: A moody sky at the Docklands after the show.


Prowein - Spanish Steps

Prowein March 2013 - Dusseldorf, Germany

Last year we decided that in 2013 we were going to have a stand at Prowein for our educational brand Spanish Steps. The brand is designed to take you on a vinous journey through some of Spains lesser known regions, in this vision inparticular the wines in the range come from 5 areas within Castilla Y leon. The 5 DO's are; Rueda, Bierzo, Arribes, Toro and Ribera del Duero.

So we decided to take the plunge at Prowein purely because we wanted to reach out to an international target market, mainly to larger multiples and retailers who could promote this exciting brand. Here are some photos and a running commentary of our trip.

So living in Essex we decided to take the exciting route over to the show by getting the overnight Stena Line ferry from Harwich to the Hook of Holland. We were transporting the wine ourselves so it made sense. The crossing was enjoyable apart from the horrendous winds and humongous waves which tossed you around your cabin from midnight until 5am when we had to get up :/

We woke feeling fresh as a daisy...... our departure from the ferry was quick and efficient in true Dutch style and we set off to set up at Prowein Dusseldorf. After navigating the system of deliveries and set up we had the stand complete and looking fantastic, not bad for our first attempt. The show was good and very enjoyable, we had lots of appointments booked on the stand which was great because the general footfall was not huge in our part of the Spain hall. We made some new contacts so we are pleased overall with the show.

In the evenings we managed to drink our bodyweight in local beer, in the local brewery's. They are simply the 'place to go' so it would be rude not to! Always bumping into familiar faces we enjoyed beers and food with many friends from accross the globe. It really does bring everyone closer together, friends united in a foreign land. If you have ever been to a brewery in Dusseldorf you will know how it is, hustling, bustling and busy, beers are plonked down on you table by uber efficient waiters who know when you are thirsty and they mark your tab on your beermat.


Below are some photos taken at our favourite brewery Schlussel...




Oakley goes QR


Business cards are on order (because of new email addresses), so we've decided to put the QR code on the cards too.