Casal de Ventozela, Vinho Verde


Situated in Portugal’s largest viticultural region, Vinho Verde, in the sub-region of Vale do Ave and characterized by strong traditions, Casal de Ventozela estate’s history dates back to 1847, at which time it was the property of the one of the region’s noblest families. In 1978, it was purchased by José Ferreira Cortinhas and underwent rehabilitation and restoration works for several years.

The 25 hectares belonging to Casal de Ventozela estate are scattered throughout several farms and plots of land, with rather diverse geographical and climatic geological characteristics. This complexity allows us to obtain wines with unique characteristics and personalities. At this time, the entire vineyard is organized in independent plots, in accordance with each variety and all the vines were subjected to clonal selection.  A further 9 hectares of mature Arinto vines have recently been brought into the estate, to augment production of this very popular variety.

Our grapes are planted on gentle slopes, where soil originating from the breakdown of granite prevails, at an altitude ranging between 100 and 200 meters. With the large diversity of varieties that one is authorized to plant in the region, we opted to use the region’s nobler varieties of green wines (vinhos verdes) to produce our wines, such as: Loureiro, Trajadura, Fernão Pires and Arinto (Pedernã), Padeiro de Basto, Espadeiro and Vinhão.

Due to the geographic location of Vale do Ave, the climate of this region is highly influenced by the sea breeze from the atlantic Ocean, allowing a very particular microclimate which gives our wines a character of lightness with floral and fruity persistence.


Casal de Ventozela branco

- Loureiro, Trajadura & Arinto varieties

Casal de Ventozela, Arinto

Casal de Ventozela, Loureiro

Casal de Ventozela, Espadeiro rosé

Casal de Ventozela, tinto (Vinhão)

Casal de Ventozela Alvarinho