Bodegas Monte La Reina

Toro region, Spain

 Monte La Reina is a new estate incorporating 350 Hectares of vines over two separate plots.  Situated on the site of a Posada Real (Royal Inn), the juxtaposition of the modern winery facilities and the old castle make for a perfect combination of the best of the old, with the best of the new.  Planted largely with the native Tinta de Toro (of the tempranillo family), and Verdejo, a large range of wines are made –from simple wine of the year; fruity and ready to drink – to much more heavyweight offerings that pack a punchy combination of rich silky fruit, powerful tannins and softening oak flavours. 


The  estate also boasts a private game reserve of over 1700 hectares and a restaurant that can sit 400!!. 

The great selling point about this winery is the sheer drinkability of its wines.  Fresh, forward fruit styles predominate, making this winery an extremely commercial proposition.  There is extensive information on their own website at

 You can follow the blog of winery director Carolina Inaraja here

Vino de La Tierra de Castilla Y Leon


Face to Face                                                            

white, rosé & red (available under various presentations) screwcap


                                                                       DO Toro wines                     


Tertius Joven                                                       


Tertius roble 5 months 


Tertius Verdejo                                     


Castillo de Monte La Reina Verdejo

Castillo de Monte La Reina Roble 6 months       


Castillo de Monte La Reina barrell fermented 
11 months in oak                                


Castillo de Monte La Reina VS 
14 months in oak 


16 months in oak