Arroyo Family Vineyards

Bierzo region, Spain


Situated in a valley bowl, totally surrounded by mountains, the Bierzo wine region enjoys a particular microclimate that means high daytime temperatures but with refreshing, cooler nights which are so important to quality wine production 

Victor Arroyo is owner of this brand new society called Castrbergidum having been partner in a large local winery until very recently, where he was responsible for a number of award-winning wines. 


This year 2015 he is building his own small winery on an historic site that has Roman remains as a feature. The archeology and excavation caused plenty of delays!

The company’s offices and vineyards lies on the ancient camiño to Santiago de Compostella, and pilgrims can be seen passing by on virtually any day of the year

Pictured - Nick Oakley, Victor Arroyo and Sebastian Bredal MW ( from Norway)


Victor is an expert in tannin management in his reds, and creates wines that are supple yet full of varietal flavour - a very commercial mix.


Legio red (unoaked) - see label here

Orellan white - Godello -

Orellan joven red                   

Orellan Roble  red-

aged 8 months is American, French and Hungarian oak barrels   

Esencial organic red 

supple, rich, low in sulphur and organic  

below - the village of Valtuille, just below the vineyards (taken 2011)